Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Manifesto

The Nobel Prize: An idea nerd's dream
  1. If I could win an award, it would be the Nobel. As far as I know, I am not in consideration, so I am nominating myself. I am open to any category, although the prize in medicine would be particularly nice because my mother always wanted me to be a doctor.
  2. I am naive enough to believe (or hope) that people will sometimes change their behavior based on good ideas. I know it doesn't always happen because I don't usually exercise, but I believe that good ideas give us the best possible chance at making good choices. Without ideas, we might start using leeches to suck the bad blood out of each other. With good ideas, we might eat doughnuts, but we'll at least know we shouldn't.
  3. Good ideas make me happy.
  4. I have some deep-seated beliefs in the way the world works. Some or all of them are almost surely wrong. Because I am not Descartes, I don't think I can abandon all of them, start from square one, and work out the basis of all my assumptions. However, I can try to keep an open mind to other people's ideas and a healthy skepticism of my own certainty.
  5. I like spreading ideas.

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  1. How come you did not become a doctor? You sure are smart enough.